• Thomas E. Walden, MD - Psychiatrist
  • Philip W. Brown, PhD - Clinical Psychologist
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Mountain Home Psychiatric Medicine
Mountain Home Psychiatric Medicine is an outpatient medical clinic providing mental health services to Mountain Home and the surrounding area. Thomas E. Walden, MD, psychiatry, and Philip W. Brown, PhD, psychology, offer both medication management and psychotherapeutic counseling for a variety of symptoms including depression, anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorders, complications of dementia, situational stressor reactions, and emotional/behavioral disorders. These and other mental/emotional disorders are treatable conditions whose symptoms can be alleviated. People suffering with them can find relief and lead more enjoyable, satisfying lives.

Due to a large patient population, Dr. Walden has put a hold on adding new patients to his practice until further notice. Patients in need of psychiatric medication management can see their primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, or pediatricians as appropriate.

Philip Brown, PhD, is accepting new patients for psychological services. Many patients see him for therapy and see their primary care physician for medication management. Please call the office and we will be happy to talk with you about this option.

**IF REGISTERING THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THE REGISTRATION NUMBER YOU GET AT THE END OF THE PROCESS. CALL OUR OFFICE AND TELL US YOU HAVE REGISTERED ONLINE. WE WILL NEED THE REGISTRATION NUMBER. If you do not call us to let us know you have registered online and have a registration number, we will not be able to process your information.
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